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mono mono

by mono mono

Danish electronic pop-duo mono mono, consisting of Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck, offer a clean sound that somehow magically succeeds in being both fragile, fluffy and edgy simultaneously. The pretty girl and the cool producer combination is the melodic version of Scandinavian design: innovative and deliciously dreamy. In entering their universe, you are presented to a dynamic soundscape beautifully decorated with a mix of electronic sounds, soothing vocals and hypnotic saxophones, which capture the essence of what would be a soundtrack to your dreams. The overarching dream-theme is supported by elements such as samples recorded in nature, and glitchy beats. With the current global wave of Scandinavian sounds sliding into the curiosity of music lovers, mono mono supplies what there is high demand for.

“Danish mono mono are the new masters of ambient synth” - Wonderland Magazine

“Det skal ikke være nogen hemmelighed, at jeg selv har en lille efterårsforelskelse i mono mono og “CityLights”, som gør de regnvåde dage i selskab med alt for mange tanker og alt for lidt tid lidt rarere. For mono mono formår at sætte tiden i stå for en stund og give plads til tankerne. Tak for det!” - Regnsky 

“There are no shortage of electro- / ambient-pop duos today. So how do two people separate themselves from the crowded eld? Danish group mono mono might have found the perfect formula.” - The Revue 

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