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by Vakle


Vakle is a sensual seducer with a jazzy voice, giving us the good ol’ razzle-dazzle turned up twenty notches with inspiration from British electronic underground music. With an upbringing in idyllic nature and moving to culturally rich London and Amsterdam to study music, Vakle has experimented with a wide range of sounds. Characterized as someone who nurtures the real, adores the imperfect, and poses the provocative with attitude, she has as a producer and singer found unique artistic edge to offer the pop world.


"It kind of has an XXYYXX vibe, in as much as it’s a super slowed-down electronic track with the melodic, hypnotic and jazzy sounds of Vakle’s voice over the top." - Konbini


"It’s only right that such a sensual track should be available through the infamously lusty Tinder and, lets face it, it’ll probably be one of the more fruitful matches you make today." – Wonderland Magazine


Watch her music video for BOY

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